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1 The Tunnel Of Love   Nov 1958  
  Doris Day with Frank De Vol Orchestra  
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2 Tunnel Of Love 5     Nov 1980  
  Dire Straits  
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3 The Tunnel Of Love   Mar 1983  
  Fun Boy Three  
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4 Tunnel Of Love 1 8   Jan 1988  
  Bruce Springsteen  
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5 The Carpal Tunnel Of Love   Dec 2006  
  Fall Out Boy  
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Tunnel Of Love was a popular term used for titles of all different songs. Tunnel Of Love was a theme song by Doris Day from the movie The Tunnel Of Love. Tunnel Of Love was also a rock 1980 number 5 for Dire Straits. In 1985, Bruce Springsteen had a rock number one song called Tunnel Of Love. A few weeks later, in 1988, this one reached number 8 on the pop charts. Fun Boy Three had a 1983 dance alternative song with the title. Finally, Fall Out Boy made its own spoof of the concept with The Carpel Tunnel Of Love.

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