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Sukiyaki song title page

In 1961, Kyu Sakamoto recorded Ue O Muite Aruko (I Look Up When I Walk). For Americans, it was released with the title Sukiyaki and became a 1963 number one song, the biggest Japanese language hit ever. At about the same time, Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen received some notice for its instrumental version. In 1981, A Taste Of Honey reworked the song and brought it to number one again. Finally, in 1994, 4 P.M. (for positive music) made a dance version, and the song hit number one a third time. For both Kyu Sakamoto and 4 P.M. (for positive music), this was a top 20 one hit wonder.

Sukiyaki popular Tune Timeline

blue # = pop chart

  1 Sukiyaki   Feb 1963  
  Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  2 Sukiyaki 1   Jun 1963  
  Kyu Sakamoto  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  3 Sukiyaki 1   Jun 1981  
  A Taste Of Honey  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  4 Sukiyaki 1   Dec 1994  
  4 P.M. (for positive music)  
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