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1 Silver And Gold   1952  
  Pee Wee King And His Band Featuring Redd Stewart  
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2 Silver And Gold   Dec 1964  
  Burl Ives  
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3 Silver And Gold   Jun 1970  
  Country Joe And The Fish  
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4 Silver And Gold   Dec 1987  
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5 Silver And Gold   Oct 1989  

6 Silver And Gold   Aug 1991  
  Dolly Parton  
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7 Silver And Gold   Dec 2004  
  Vanessa Williams  
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Silver And Gold was first the title of a popular country song by Pee Wee King. The title was also a Christmas song from TV special Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer as sung by Burl Ives. Others had different songs with this title.

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