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1 Mission--Impossible 11   Mar 1968  
  Lalo Schifrin  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

2 Impossible Mission (Mission Impossible)   May 1968  
  The Soul Survivors  

3 Mission: Impossible Theme, Norwegian Wood   Oct 1968  
  Alan Copeland  

4 Theme From Mission: Impossible 7 5   Jun 1996  
  Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen  

5 Take A Look Around 3     May 2000  
  Limp Bizkit  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

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Here are all the popular songs with Mission Impossible in the title or with similar titles. In the case of the Limp Bizkit song Take A Look Around, the song is from movie Mission: Impossible 2 and based upon the classic movie theme, despite the change in title.

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