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1 MacArthur Park 2   Jun 1968  
  Richard Harris  
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2 Muck-Arty Park   Mar 1969  
  Soupy Sales  
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3 MacArthur Park   Aug 1969  
  Waylon Jennings And The Kimberlys  
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4 MacArthur Park   Nov 1969  
  Tony Bennett  

5 MacArthur Park   Oct 1971  
  The Four Tops  
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6 MacArthur Park   Aug 1972  
  Andy Williams  
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7 MacArthur Park 1   Oct 1978  
  Donna Summer  
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8 Jurassic Park   Oct 1993  
  Weird Al Yankovic  
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MacArthur Park was a long ballad written by Jimmy Webb, and brought to number 2 in 1968 by Richard Harris. In 1978, Donna Summer took her disco version to number one. MacArthur Park broke out of the three-minute song format, being played on the radio despite much longer lengths. The uncut Richard Harris version was 7 minutes 41 seconds. The uncut version by The Four Tops was 6 minutes 34 seconds. Donna Summer had various disco versions. Her single version was just under 4 minutes.
Two famous versions, Muck-Arty Park by Soupy Sales and Jurassic Park by Weird Al Yankovic, were parodies.

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