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1 Good Vibrations 1   Dec 1966  
  The Beach Boys  
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2 Good Vibrations   May 1967  
  Floyd Cramer  

3 Good Vibrations   Feb 1969  
  Hugo Montenegro  

4 Good Vibrations   May 1975  
  The Troggs  

5 Good Vibrations   Jul 1976  
  Todd Rundgren  
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6 Good Vibrations 1   Sep 1991  
  Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch Featuring Loleatta Holloway  
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7 Good Vibrations   Jan 1993  
  Brothers Like Outlaw Featuring Allson Evelyn  

8 Good Vibrations   Dec 2004  
  Brian Wilson  
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9 Good Vibrations   Jun 2010  
  Glee Cast  
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10 Good Vibrations   May 2012  
  Wilson Phillips  
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Good Vibrations were the feelings in two different number one songs. In 1966, The Beach Boys hit number one with its classic. Many remade the song. Here are the popular versions. Conductor Hugo Montenegro made a vocal version. Rock group The Troggs darkly chanted the song. Todd Rundgren released a sound-alike cover. By 2004, Brian Wilson, a member of The Beach Boys who cowrote the song with Mike Love, made his own updated cover. Then, in 2012, Wilson Phillips, a group including Carnie Wilson, daughter of Brian, made a cover song.
In 1991, actor and rapper Mark Walberg made a different Good Vibrations song and hit number one as by Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch Featuring Loleatta Holloway. The Marky Mark song borrowed extensively from dance classic song Love Sensation which was originally done by Loleatta Holloway. In 2010, there was a Glee Cast version of the Marky Mark song.
The song by hip-hop group Brothers Like Outlaw was a different tune.

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