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1 Let's Get Together   Dec 1965  
  We Five  
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2 Get Together   Jan 1968  
  Jimmy McCracklin  

3 Let's Get Together   Jun 1968  
  The Sunshine Company  

4 Get Together 3   Aug 1969  
  The Youngbloods  
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5 Get Together   Jan 1970  
  Gwen And Jerry Collins  

6 Everybody Get Together   Mar 1970  
  The Dave Clark Five  

7 Get Together   Nov 1989  
  The Wonder Stuff  
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8 Get Together 21   Jan 1996  
  Big Mountain  
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9 Get Together   Sep 2004  
  Wilson Phillips  
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10 Get Together   Jun 2006  
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Get Together was the number 3 song by The Youngbloods. The song was written by Chet Powers and first released as Let's Get Together by We Five. The Youngbloods released its version in the summer of 1967. The song was remade a few months later by Jimmy McCracklin. The Youngbloods version finally hit in 1969. In 1970, The Dave Clark Five remade the song as Everybody Get Together. In 1996, reggae group Big Mountain had a near top 20 miss with the song.
In 2006, Madonna had a different song called Get Together out. The Madonna song borrowed lines from Take Your Time (Do It Right) by The S.O.S. Band.

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