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Feel Like Making Love song title page

Two very popular songs were called Feel Like Making Love or Feel Like Makin' Love. First, Roberta Flack hit number one in 1974 with Gene McDaniels a written song. Jazz keyboard player Bob James followed with an instrumental version. Years later, George Benson did a dance and jazz remake. Finally, in 1994, soul singer Clint Holmes did his cover.
In 1975, guitar rock band Bad Company hit number 8 with its totally different song. Millie Jackson, Pauline Henry, Philip Claypool and Kid Rock each made covers in different styles.

Feel Like Making Love popular Tune Timeline

blue # = pop chart

  1 Feel Like Makin' Love 1   Aug 1974  
  Roberta Flack  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  2 Feel Like Making Love   Nov 1974  
  Bob James  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  3 Feel Like Makin' Love 8   Aug 1975  
  Bad Company  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

  4 Feel Like Making Love   Jun 1976  
  Millie Jackson  

  5 Feel Like Makin' Love   Jul 1983  
  George Benson  
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  6 Feel Like Making Love   Nov 1990  
  Heatwave Featuring Jocelyn Brown  

  7 Feel Like Makin' Love   Aug 1994  
  Clint Holmes  

  8 Feel Like Making Love   Aug 1994  
  Pauline Henry  

  9 Feel Like Makin' Love   Sep 1995  
  Philip Claypool  

  10 Feel Like Makin' Love   Nov 2003  
  Kid Rock  

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