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1 A Thousand Miles Away   Jan 1957  
  The Heartbeats  
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2 Daddy's Home 2   May 1961  
  Shep And The Limelites  
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3 A Thousand Miles Away   Jul 1961  
  Johnny Nash  

4 A Thousand Miles Away   Apr 1964  
  Santo & Johnny  

5 Daddy's Home   May 1967  
  Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown  

6 Daddy's Home   1972  
  The Addictions  

7 Daddy's Home 10   Mar 1973  
  Jermaine Jackson  
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8 Daddy's Home 8   Mar 1982  
  Cliff Richard  
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9 Daddy's Home   May 1995  
  Spanish Fly  
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10 Daddy's Home   Jan 1996  
  Montell Jordan  
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11 Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)   May 2010  
  Usher Featuring Plies  
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Daddy's Home was a 1961 number 2 song for Shep And The Limelites. Daddy's Home was written as the answer to 1957 top 20 near miss A Thousand Miles Away by The Heartbeats. James Sheppard sang both songs for both groups.
Montell Jordan and the duo of Usher Featuring Plies made different songs.

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