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1 All I Know 12   Nov 1973  
  Art Garfunkel  
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2 (All I Know) Feels Like Forever   Mar 1992  
  Joe Cocker  

3 All I Know   May 1994  
  Michael McDonald And Amy Holland  

4 All I Know 3     Jul 1996  
  Screaming Trees  
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5 All I Know   Jul 1999  
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6 All I Know   May 2003  
  Field Mob  

7 All I Know   2013  
  Washed Out  
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All I Know was the title of different popular songs. In 1973, Art Garfunkel, who was then still going by just his last name Garfunkel in a throwback to his days as a member of the duo Simon & Garfunkel, reached number 12 with All I Know. This song was later done by Michael McDonald And Amy Holland, and played on soft music stations. The other titles were different songs.

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