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1 Star Wars Theme Cantina Band 4   Oct 1977  
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2 Theme From Close Encounters   Feb 1978  
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3 Themes From The Wizard Of Oz   Oct 1978  
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4 Empire Strikes Back (Medley) Darth Vader/Yoda's Theme 19   Aug 1980  
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5 Love Theme From Shogun (Mariko's Theme)   Oct 1980  

6 Blue Moon   Sep 1981  

7 Pop Goes The Movies Part I   Apr 1982  

8 Big Band Medley   Jul 1982  

9 Ewok Celebration   Jul 1983  

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Meco was an instrumental band named for leader Dominic Meco Monardo. The greatest hit by Meco was Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band, his biggest of two top 20 hits. Meco was known for disco or dance versions of movie theme songs. Find a song by Meco!

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