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1 Hill Where The Lord Hides   Jul 1971  
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2 Chase The Clouds Away   Jul 1975  
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3 Bellavia (Bella Veeya)   Feb 1976  

4 Land Of Make Believe   Jun 1977  

5 Feels So Good 3   May 1978  
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6 Children Of Sanchez   Nov 1978  
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7 Bellavia (Bella Veeya)   Mar 1979  

8 Give It All You Got 15   Mar 1980  
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9 Fun And Games   May 1980  

10 Steppin' Out   Aug 1982  

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Chuck Mangione was a jazz horn player and instrumental performer. The greatest hit by Chuck Mangione was 1978 number 3 Feels So Good. The other top 20 song by Chuck Mangione, Give It All You Got, was the theme of the 1980 Winter Olympics.

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