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Fun Factory artist popular songs

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blue # = weekly pop chart

1 Groove Me   Nov 1993  

2 Pain   Nov 1994  

3 Close To You 21   May 1995  

4 I Wanna B With U 19   Aug 1995  

5 Take Your Chance   Jan 1996  

6 Celebration   Feb 1996  

7 Don't Go Away   Nov 1996  

8 Tam Tam   Sep 2002  

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Fun Factory was a German dance music group. Fun Factory had many popular dance music song hits around the world. The greatest hit by Fun Factory in the US was Close To You. Technically, I Wanna B With U was a top 20 one hit wonder, even though top 20 near-miss Close To You was bigger due to a longer chart path. Worldwide, I Wanna B With U was the greatest hit by Fun Factory.

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