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1 C'mon And Get My Love 3   Mar 1990  
  D-Mob Introducing Cathy Dennis  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

2 That's The Way Of The World   May 1990  
  D-Mob Featuring Cathy Dennis  

3 Just Another Dream 7   Jan 1991  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

4 Touch Me (All Night Long) 1   May 1991  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

5 Too Many Walls 7   Sep 1991  

6 Everybody Move   Dec 1991  

7 You Lied To Me 27   Oct 1992  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

8 Falling   Feb 1993  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

9 Irresistible   Feb 1993  

10 Moments Of Love   Jun 1993  

11 Why?   Feb 1994  
  D-Mob With Cathy Dennis  

12 West End Pad   Aug 1996  

13 Waterloo Sunset   Mar 1997  

14 When Dreams Turn To Dust   Jun 1997  

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Top Pop Songs by Cathy Dennis

official top hits 1960-2014
1Touch Me (All Night Long)
2C'mon And Get My Love
3Too Many Walls

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