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1 Got No Shame 1     Jul 1993  
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2 That Don't Satisfy Me 5     Dec 1993  
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3 Hard Act To Follow 6     Apr 1994  
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4 And Fools Shine On 3     Aug 1995  
    YouTube download at Amazon  

5 Breadmaker   Nov 1995  
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6 Voice Of Eujena 24     Feb 1996  
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7 I Lie In The Bed I Make 7     May 1998  

8 Machete 26     Sep 1998  

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Brother Cane was a guitar rock band. The greatest hit by Brother Cane was 1993 number one rock hit Got No Shame. Brother Cane made the rock top 20 four more times. Brother Cane did not have another rock number one song.

Top Rock Songs by Brother Cane

official top rock hits 1980-2014
1Got No Shame
2And Fools Shine On
3I Lie In The Bed I Make
4Hard Act To Follow
5That Don't Satisfy Me

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